7 Essential Oils That Go Well With Cocoa Butter

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Cocoa butter is a wonderful ingredient, but it can be a challenge to work with its distinct scent.

As delicious and chocolatey as cocoa butter might smell, it can quickly start feeling too heavy and overpowering when on its own.

While most cosmetic butters have a scent (I absolutely dislike the scent of a shea butter), they are usually easy to mask with essential oils or fragrance. The problem with cocoa butter is that its smell is so strong and specific that it overpowers most of other scents you add to it.

So what can you do?

I have worked with cocoa butter quite a bit and got to experiment with different essential oil scents. What my experience has showed me is that you should not try to fight cocoa butter scent because you won’t win.

Instead, embrace it and use essential oils that compliment it.

And if you want to use a scent that doesn’t go well with the chocolatey scent of the cocoa butter, get some DEODORIZED Cocoa butter.


The general rule is that cocoa butter scent goes well with other food-like scents. In the below list you will find 6 best food-like essential oils to go with cocoa butter and 1 non-food scent that may surprise you.


1. Vanilla essential oil

Vanilla essential oil is an absolute must have as it goes with so many scents. Vanilla essential oil will complement the natural cocoa butter scent and make it more warm and cozy.


2. Coffee essential oil

It smells just like a fresh brewed cup of coffee and pairs very well with the chocolatey scent of the cocoa butter.

Many people love using this cent for cooler autumn and winter days. The scent associates with warmth and coziness. I find the scent both warming and invigorating.

I recommend this brand


3. Peppermint essential oil

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about what essential oil goes well with cocoa butter is peppermint essential oil. Peppermint and chocolate is a classic that many people love. It is a scent that can work on its own but also can compliment previously mentioned essential oils.

For example:

Cocoa, vanilla and peppermint combo reminds me of peppermint chocolate cookies.

Cocoa, coffee, vanilla and peppermint combo reminds me of peppermint mocha coffee.

I recommend this brand.


4. Sweet orange essential oil

Sweet orange essential oil is another great option to pair with cocoa butter. If you ever tried an orange flavored chocolate, then you will know exactly what to expect from this scent.

The scent combination of cocoa and orange is very popular for body butters and lip balms.

I recommend this brand


5. Rose essential oil

This one may come as a surprise to you. It is the only scent on the list that is not related to food, so it may be a difficult one to imagine. But I assure you, sweet and chocolatey cocoa butter goes really well with the sensual notes of rose essential oil. This scent combination is strong, sweet, and sensual.

The rose essential oil is on a pricier side, but it is a potent scent, so you only need a little to get a strong scent. I recommend this brand


6. Pumpkin Spice essential oil blend

Classic pumpkin spice is loved by many. It is the most popular scent for the fall season. The blend smells sweet, spicy, and warm.

Cocoa butter smell blends well with pumpkin spice. It adds a little more sweetness to the scent, but other than that, it blends in seamlessly and allows the pumpkin spice essential oil to shine through.

I am absolutely in love with this blend.


7. Chocolate Truffle essential oil blend

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, you cannot fight the cocoa scent. You must embrace it.

And what’s a better way to embrace a chocolate scent than add more chocolate to it?

The scent of cocoa butter, though chocolatey, is not truly a chocolate scent. In fact, some people who like chocolate dislike the scent of cocoa butter.

It is easy to fix this. By mixing cocoa butter with the chocolate truffle essential oil blend, you can make it smell exactly like the finest chocolate dessert!

You can get this Chocolate Truffle essential oil blend here


I hope you found these essential oil suggestions useful. If you have additional suggestions, please share with me in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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