Free label for homemade products “From my heart to your home”

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Print out these beautiful free labels for homemade products. Labels are designed with a beautiful font and say " From my heart to your home". These labels are universal. They can be used for any type of handmade item and are great for both selling and gifts.

I personally think these free labels look cute when added as a finishing touch to a packaging. Print them out on a sticky paper and use as stickers. Wrap your beauty items, for example, bath bombs, in a tissue paper and stick one of these on. Immediately, your packaging will look nicer and feel more personal. And I bet it will make people smile once they read it!

This design comes in a pdf format, so it is easy to print. You can always print and cut these stickers out yourself. However, I have designed them to match Avery label sizes. This allows you to get a really professional look using pre-cut sticky Avery sheets. Avery produces high-quality pre-cut sheets for people who want to be able to print their labels and stickers at home. These sheets are pre-cut, which means that your finished sticker will look professional. All you need to do is to get some pre-cut sticky Avery sheets of the correct sizing to match the design you want to print. These labels are designed to be printed on:

 Avery 8293 sheets (400 labels per pack)

Instructions: before printing on your Avery sheets print a test page on a simple paper. This is to make sure that your printer is aligned correctly. Make adjustments if needed. Print this design on your Avery sheet and it's done. No cutting. Just remove the sticker from the sheet and place it on your product.

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