Luxurious Himalayan Bath Salts Recipe

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DIY Himalayan bath salts with essential oils and rose petals

Soaking in a hot bath is my favorite self-care ritual. There is something magical about the process: watching bath salts dissolve, inhaling scents of essential oils and soaking in a hot bath filed with moisturizing oils. This relaxes the muscles, softens the skin and unwinds the mind.

We all need some time for ourselves. So take some time out to make these gorgeous DIY Himalayan bath salts and to enjoy a luxurious hot bath.

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Himalayan bath salts recipe with roses

Bath salts as a DIY gift

These luxurious bath salts make perfect DIY gifts. Make more and gift them to someone who needs a reminder to take time out for themselves.

Download free printable labels for your rose bath salts and decorate your jars for the complete look. To waterproof the labels, simply stick some transparent tape over the printed labels and then cut out.



Rose bath salts labels


You may also want to check out this alternative recipe for Rose bath salts.


Himalayan bath salts recipe


– 620 g | 22 oz  of Himalayan salt

– a hand full of dried rose petals

– 4 tbsp of sweet almond oil

– approx. 40 drops of essential oils  (10 drops Bergamot essential oil, 10 drops Sweet orange essential oil, 20 drops Rose Absolute essential oil in jojoba)

– 2 tbsp of Polysorbate 80 (optional). Polysorbate 80 helps carrier oil and essential oils to mix with water.



Adjusting Himalayan bath salts recipe


Himalayan salt – choose how much you need.

Rose petals – as many or as little as your heart desires.

Carrier oil – approx. 1 tbsp of oil per 150g of Himalayan salt. Avoid using carrier oils that are heavy and dark. Heavy oils will float on top of your bath water, while dark-colored oils will stain the bath salts.

Essential oils – approx. 10 drops per tbsp of carrier oil.

Polysorbate – 1/2 tbsp for 1 tbsp of carrier oil.


Making bath salts


Making these DIY bath salts is very easy and fun. It won’t take you more than 15 minutes to make. An added bonus is that your kitchen will smell like roses afterwards.

My recipe calls for 620 g / 22 oz of Himalayan salt, however, you can adjust that depending on how many jars you want to fill out. The easiest way to do it is to take all your jars and fill them out with Himalayan salt. This way you will know exactly how much salt you need.

Measuring ingredients


1. Place your Himalayan salts in a large bowl.

2. Take approx. a quarter of dried rose petals and put them aside. Throw the rest into the bowl and mix with Himalayan salts. Depending on the size of your dried rose petals, you may want to break them down with fingers. It’s a personal preference, really.

3. Using a mortar & pestle (or your fingers), grind rose petals until they are very fine, almost powder-like. Add them to the bowl.


grinding dried rose petals


4. In a separate small container mix your carrier oil, essential oils and polysorbate 80 (optional).

5. Add the oils to the main bowl and mix well. Mix until the whole mixture is covered in oil and looks damp. The oils and rose petal powder will mix together and cover your bath salts in a stunning pink shade.


preparing Himalayan bath salts

6. Pack your jars and close tightly. Store them closed, away from the sun. If you leave jars open for too long, they may attract moisture and stick together.


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  • May 16, 2022 at 12:34 pm

    How much will I used per bath? Self life of my soak please–would love to make for a birthday gift
    as these look so pretty!
    Thank you for sharing this lovely soak,

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