Refreshing Green Tea Face Cream Recipe (Light)

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Refreshing and light. These two words describe this cream perfectly. Both apricot seed oil and mango butter provide moisture and protection but at the same time sink into your skin quickly leaving no oily residue. Lemongrass Green Tea Fragrance Oi provides a very pleasant refreshing scent. Perfect for hot summer days when you want your skin to feel light and refreshed.


Distilled water - 70%  - 35g

Vegetable glycerin - 2%  - 1g

Silk peptide powder - 2%  - 1g


Apricot seed oil -  9%  -  4.5g

Mango butter -  4%  -  2g

Emulsifying wax  - 6%  -  3g

Cetyl alcohol  - 3%  -  1.5g


Lemongrass Green Tea Fragrance Oi  -  10 drops for 50 g of cream (adjust to liking because everyone’s tolerance for fragrance is different)

Green tea extract - 1%  -  0.5g

Vitamin B5 - 1%   -  0.5g

Vitamin E  - 0.5%  - 0.25g (about 9 drops)

Preservative (Germall Plus)  - 05.%  - 0.25g

TOTAL  -  100%  -  50g

Making green tea face cream. Step by step.

 1.  We will need to heat up our ingredients. So the first thing you need to do is to prepare your double boiler. If you don’t have a double boiler just use a simple technique were you place jars that need to be heated up in a large pot of water and heat them up this way. This allows you to control the heat better and to avoid overheating ingredients.

 2.  Measure your water phase ingredients and pour them into the first heat-proof jar.

 3.  Measure oil phase ingredients and place them into the second jar.

 4.  Place both jars in a double boiler (or your pot with water) and heat them up. Mixtures need to reach 75˚C / 165F once you reach that temperature hold it for about 20 min. Ingredients in both jars need to melt. Then pour water phase ingredients into oil phase ingredients and mix well with mixer.

5.  Continue to mix at regular intervals until cream cools down a little bit (needs to be less than 45˚C/110F, if you’re working without a thermometer - aim for room temperature).

  6.  Add cooldown phase ingredients and mix well.

 7.  Allow cream to cool down completely and pour it into your cream container.

All done. Enjoy and stay gorgeous with this hydrating green tea face cream.

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