Anti-aging face cream with green tea and marsh mallow

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This anti-aging cream is recommended for those with first signs of aging. It helps to smooth out the skin and gives it a youthful glow. All ingredients are selected to help combat signs of premature aging and to protect from future damage.

What you will need:

- double boiler or large pan

- 2 heat-proof jars

- small mixer

- container for your cream


I have mentioned ingredients in both, percentages and grams (to make 50g of cream). Feel free to modify this recipe but don’t forget that ingredients total should always be 100%. 

To read more about face cream ingredients, quantities and phases click here.


Water  -  67%  -  34g

Vegetable glycerin  -  5%  -  2.5g


Natragem Emulsifying Wax  -  6%  - 3g

Cetyl alcohol  -  4%  -  2g

Grape seed oil  -  5%  -  2.5g

Shea butter  -  2%  -  1g


Green tea extract  -  3%  -  1.5g

Extract of marshmallow  -  3%  -  1.5g

Hyaluronic acid 1%  -  2%  -  1g

Vitamin B5  -  1.5%  - 0.75g

Vitamin E  -  0.5%  -  0.25g (approx. 9 drops)

Preservative (Germall Plus)  -  0.5%  -  0.25g

TOTAL  -  100%  -  50g

How to make a face cream:

 1.  The first step in making creams is always to prepare your workstation. So sanitize all the equipment you will be using and prepare your double boiler. If you do not have a double boiler, simply take a large pan or pot and fill it in with water. We will be placing our two jars with mixtures into this water and heating it up. This way ingredients will not overheat.

 2.  Weight all your water phase ingredients (water and glycerin) and place them in the first jar. Place the jar in your pan.

 3.  Now weight all your oil phase ingredients (emulsifier, ethyl alcohol, grape seed oil and shea butter), place them into second jar and the jar into your pan.

 4.  Heat up water in the pan. Heat up both mixtures to 75˚C / 165F and then hold them at that temperature for 20 minutes.

 5.  Slowly pour water phase into oil phase and mix. Continue to stir at regular intervals until the cream cools down to about 45˚C/110F. At this point cream will start becoming thicker.

 6.  Add all the cool down phase ingredients (vitamins E and B5, preservative, green tea extract, mash mallow extract, hyaluronic acid) and mix well.

 7.  Allow your cream to cool down to a room temperature.

 8.  Once cream cools down to a room temperature, put it in a jar or bottle.

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