20 Unique Bath Bomb Molds That You Will Love

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Out of all the DIY beauty products, bath bombs are probably the most creative ones, because there are so many ways to make and decorate them.

The easiest and the most effective way to make an interesting-looking bath bomb is to use a quirky bath bomb mold. 

Bath bombs don't have to be round. They can be any shape you want. For example, egg shape bath bomb for Easter, lip-shaped molds for Valentine's day, candy cane shape for Christmas and so on. You get the idea.

top 20 unique bath bomb molds

I searched the web and picked the coolest unique bath bomb molds I could find. If you are an experienced bath bomb maker, you've probably experimented with different molds for bath bombs already. But I guarantee that you will find some amazing bath bomb molds on this list.

So without further ado, here is the list of 20 unique bath bomb molds for foolproof awesome bath bombs:

1. Unique rose flower bath bomb mold

Rose flower bath bomb mold

Is it bad to start with my favorite?

This is the most gorgeous flower bath bomb mold I’ve ever seen. Its shape reminds me of LUSH bath bombs.

Bath bombs made with this mold will look gorgeous without much effort, just like the plain purple bath bombs in the picture. They look feminine and sweet. And it is easy to make them more fun or more luxurious. Just add glitter, flower petals or multiple colors to achieve different looks.

This is a good quality and easy-to-use mold. You can read reviews and buy it here.

The video below will show how to use such 3-piece bath bomb molds. You'll love it.

2. Coolest ever waffle-shaped bath bomb mold

unique bath bomb mold in a shape of waffle

Waffle-shaped bath bombs are simply amazing. First of all, they look beautiful, especially when made in multiple colors. Second, they are quite big, so you can get lots of foam and color. You can purchase waffle bath bomb mold from this seller.

If you haven't seen a waffle bath bomb, here is a cool video demonstrating all the awesomeness you can make with the help of a waffle bath bomb mold. 

3. Pineapple bath bomb mold for a tropical experience

tropical pineapple mold for bath bombs

Summer, summer here I come! Make some colorful and fun pineapple bath bombs to cheer up yourself, your friends or your customers if you are in the bath bomb business. These bath bombs will look best in bright colors and fruity smells. The seller has some awesome examples of bath bombs made with this mold here.

4. Cupcake bath bomb mold

If you love cupcake bath bombs, but don’t want to mess around with the frosting, this unique bath bomb mold might be the perfect solution.

This mold is made from two parts just like the classic round bath bomb mold. Due to it being plastic, it is very easy to use, as bath bomb mix does not stick to it and bath bombs can be easily removed. Cupcake bath bombs can look great on their own but if you want to take it to the next level, consider dipping the top in melted cocoa butter mixed with mica powder and then adding sprinkles. 

You can purchase and see customers photos here.

5. Gift box mold 

holiday gift bath bomb mold

This gift bath bomb mold is a great choice if you are planning to make bath bombs for holidays or special events (Christmas, Valentine's day, birthdays). It is also one of the best bath bomb mold shapes for those who are selling their bath bombs. People often shop for gifts, so these unique looking bath bombs would definitely be a hit among your friends or customers.

Check out all the amazing reviews with photos of bath bombs that others made with this mold. Get your gift bath bomb mold here.

6. Coffin bath bomb mold for Halloween

Halloween coffin bath bomb mold

Coffin bath bomb molds are very popular around Halloween time. They are easy to use because the design is simple. No small details mean that bath bombs will come out perfect each time.

There are plenty of interesting looks that can be achieved with this mold. You can make plain black coffin bath bombs, you can drizzle some colored cocoa butter, you can add flower petals inside the coffin and so much more. This spooky bath bomb mold is available in different sizes. See more details here

7. Strawberry shortcake mold

best metal Bath Bomb with a dent

I must say that this bath bomb mold looks quite boring on its own. But hey, no one said you should use it on its own. The dent in the bath bomb that this mold creates is there to be filled up with all the fun stuff: bath salts, dry herbs, flower petals and, of course, the frosting. 

It is called strawberry shortcake but as the image above suggests the decoration options go way beyond desserts. You can buy, read reviews and see examples of bath bombs made from this mold here.

8. Chill pill mold

fun bath bomb mold in a shape of pill

Many of us use bath bombs to relax after a long day. This chill pill bath bomb mold represents that perfectly. Pop this pill in the bathtub and enjoy a relaxing bath. Bath bombs made with this mold look great in one color but would look even more fun if the halves of the pill would be different colors. Check it out here.

Check the video at #1 to see how to use this type of molds. You’ll love it.

9. Mooncake press for bath bombs

This little device is meant to be used to make mooncakes but many bath bomb makers are using it for bath bombs too. Mooncake press comes with 5 different stamps, so you can get a variety of bath bombs. You can see some photos of bath bombs made by customers here. Before buying, consider the size you want. For bath bombs, I would recommend the 100g size press. 50g ones are quite small.

10. Doughnut bath bomb mold

unique indie full doughnut mold for bath bombs

Doughnut shaped bath bombs are very popular at the moment. Mostly because of the fun drizzle and sprinkles that go so well with it. I’ve seen some really colorful and fun doughnut bath bombs like in the image above and also some realistically looking chocolate doughnuts.

If you never made a drizzle, don’t worry, it is very easy. Just mix melted cocoa butter and baking soda to get the consistency you like, add color and drizzle with the spoon over your doughnut bath bomb. Add some cute sprinkles on top and you’re done. The cocoa butter will cool down and become solid just like you see in the image above.

Out of all doughnut shaped bath bomb molds that I've seen this one is my favorite one. First of all, it is a high-quality mold. It is made from thick durable plastic, that does not bend. Second, the 3-part mold makes it easy to press and remove bath bombs. Third, this is the only doughnut bath bomb that I've seen that allows making a full (double-sided) doughnut fizzie instead of just half of it (with a flat bottom). 

Get your doughnut bath bomb mold here.

Check the video at #1 on this list to see how to use this type of molds. You’ll love it.

10. Gummy Bear Bath Bomb Mold

interesting bath bomb mold shaped as gummy bear

Isn’t this the cutest bath bomb you’ve ever seen? This mold comes in 3 plastic pieces, is very durable and easy to use. If you never used a 3-piece bath bomb mold before, check out the video in the description for bath bomb mold #1 on this list. It shows how to use these type of molds. You’ll love it. You can read reviews and purchase this mold here

11. Cloud cookie cutter for making bath bombs

Sometimes you don't need a fancy mold to make awesome bath bombs. A simple cookie cutter and a little bit of creativity can do wonders too. My favorite cloud shape bath bombs are the ones with a  rainbow inside. Never seen one? Check the video.

12. Easter egg bath bomb molds

Easter egg bath bomb molds

Egg-shaped bath bombs make great Easter gifts. I can guarantee that they will stand out and be more appreciated than the classic chocolate egg gifts. These simple, plastic, egg shaped molds are available in different sizes, so you can choose the smaller size for standard bath bombs or a bigger size if you want to hide a little surprise toy inside. Get your egg mold here

13. Candy cane bath bomb mold

christmas bath bomb mold

Looking for a perfect bath bomb mold for Christmas? This is the one. It is simple, yet beautiful and represents Christmas really well. You can achieve the red-white stripe look in two ways. First one is to add some red bath bomb mix in the dents first and then fill in with white bath bomb mix. The second one is to hand paint it with mica and 99% alcohol mix.

You can buy high-quality candy cane molds from this seller. If you want to see how a finished bath bomb would look, have a look at the comment section. There are many photos of finished bath bombs from people who already purchased this mold. 

14. Pie bath bomb mold

unique bath bomb mold in a shape of pie

Do I even need to say anything? Just look at it. It's awesome. This is one of the most unique bath bomb mold on this list. Combined with a sweet scent and stuffed with colorful embeds pie bath bombs are a real hit. Have a look at more amazing bath bombs made with this mold and purchase yours here.

15. Unicorn horn bath bomb mold

This unicorn bath bomb mold is for those who need a little more magic in their life. It is unique, fun and inexpensive. Very easy to use as well. Get yours here.

You can see adorable unicorn bath bombs being made using this mold in a video below. 

16. Bath bomb mold - the giant

biggest stainless steel bath bomb mold diy

This is the biggest bath bomb mold I’ve seen so far. This would definitely be a statement bath bomb. I’ve seen large size bath bombs that were painted like a globe and they looked amazing. Large bath bombs are also great for hiding toys and gifts inside and also for gender reveal parties. The bath bomb mold in the photo is 8” but the seller offers smaller sizes if you want to go big but 8” is too much. Choose your size here.

17.  Fortune Cookie Bath Bomb Mold

fortune cookie mold for unique bath bombs

This one is definitely a very unique bath bomb mold that is available only from this seller. The idea to make fortune cookie bath bombs with a message inside is just amazing. Just think how fun it is to discover a hidden message in a bath bomb. The hidden message options are unlimited. You can add classic “future prediction’ messages, inspiration quotes, Valentine’s day wishes, birthday wishes, funny quotes, jokes and so much more. 

Worrying that the paper message won't last in the bath water? Just tape it with sticky tape from both sides. This will waterproof it.

18. Rocket mold for bath bombs

rocket bath bomb mold for boys

This bath bomb mold is very similar to the LUSH Rocket Science bath bomb. It is a fun mold to use if you're making bath bombs for kids, especially for boys. Many bath bomb molds are considered to be quite girly, but this one will catch an eye of any little boy.

The mold comes in 2 parts and makes a full round rocket. It is big enough to put different color embeds inside the bath bomb to achieve a similar result to LUSH Rocket science bath bomb. It is also suitable for hiding little toys inside. Kids love that. You can find this rocket bath bomb mold here.

19. Goldfish bath bomb mold

fish mold for kids bath bombs

This bath bomb mold will help you make adorable fish bath bombs. If you want to make some bath bombs for kids, this mold is a great choice. It is easy to use and will look cute both in one color or painted. You can even make a bath bomb that looks like Nemo. 

20. Teardrop gem bath bomb mold

teardrop gem silicone bath bomb mold

Because gems and diamonds are girl's best friends. This beautiful bath bomb mold comes in plastic and silicone. For bath bombs, I prefer the silicone one because it is easier to work with. It also comes in different sizes. See more here

Let me know in the comments below if you found this list useful and which bath bomb mold is your favorite. Also, let me know if you spot any other interesting bath bomb molds. I might include them in this list. 

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