Cardamom DIY Shimmering Body Butter

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A luxurious homemade creamy body butter is a crunchy DIY recipe, which is easy to make and it leaves the skin ridiculously soft and fragrant (plus, it’s 100% vegan!). It’s suitable for any experience level, even beginners! 

The butter comes with a long shelf life and with a crisp, zingy, and warm essential oil blend doesn’t fade away easily; the nutty scent of shea butter enhances it even more. Additionally, it also complements the warm yellowish - bronze like the color of the butter perfectly.

diy body butter with shimmer
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Every application leaves the skin not only nourished, very smooth and fragrant, but also glittery. This butter contains a healthy amount of mica powder that easily turns a plain old homemade butter into a product worthy of making!
Other ingredients include smooth mango butter, which isn’t as greasy as shea and it soaks in quite fast; my skin loves it to bits! The two carrier oils in the recipe balance out the greasiness of shea, making the butter even softer and smoother. Grapeseed oil is a lightweight oil without any real scent, which makes it incredibly versatile (it’s also quite affordable). Safflower oil is a close match to grapeseed – equally lightweight but rich in antioxidants that helps to regenerate your legs and thighs, and the entire body!  
But there is one more thing that makes this butter so special: in the recipe, you can also find a tip on how to make a body butter less greasy! And that’s applicable to any DIY body butter you make, not just this one! In any case, you’ll be slathering it all over your body in no time.

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  • November 20, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    I am making the recipe as you describe but I am have an issue I am desperately hoping you can help me with. When I make the recipe everything goes well I sift everything. Mix everything well. The consistency is that of wet sand. It will clump in my hand and when I drop in back into the bowl it stays clumped. My problem is when I male the balls I use a stainless steel molds. Ordered from amazon. I fill up both sides. Add my embed to one side. I press them down well then I add Extra so that it is overflowing, press the ball pieces together twist the while pushing hard. Then I set them on the counter and push down on each side to make sure the you sealed good and tight. My problem is when I try to take them apart they are NOT SEALING. Please help. I have tried more water, less water, more alcohol, less alcohol. Going back and resifting. I’ve tried the recipe normally, and also with cream of tartar thinking it not hardening PLEASE HELP. I do not know what to do. Thank you in advance for you advice. I love your site and your site alone has been so helpful.


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