Easy Kiwi Scrub Soap Bar Recipe

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I would like to share with you a very practical and fun recipe – my DIY kiwi scrub soap bar. Solid sugar scrub bars are very simple to make and will leave your skin clean and smooth.

This homemade kiwi sugar soap recipe includes melt & pour soap base to effectively clean the skin. Sugar and poppy seeds exfoliate the skin. The deliciously sweet kiwi scent energizes and gives positive vibes.

DIY solid sugar scrub bars with kiwi scent

How to use DIY soap scrub bars?

Wet the bar under warm water and rub it against your skin. The soap will create a lather to cleanse the skin and you will feel the sugar and poppy seeds removing all those dead skin cells. This bar is suitable for the entire body. You can control exfoliation by pressing the bar firmer against your skin.

You will get many uses out of one DIY soap scrub bar as it does not melt easily. After the shower, just wash off the scrub and apply a homemade body butter if needed.

These DIY soap scrub bars are similar to LUSH body scrub bars but cleansing (with soap) rather than moisturizing (with butter).

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DIY soap scrub bar recipe with kiwi scent

And just like that, your beautiful DIY sugar scrub bars are done! Enjoy and stay gorgeous!

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    Hello,am impressed with all your products and am interested in the black soap you prepared on line,how do I get it,am not in Nigery.

  • November 21, 2020 at 5:33 am

    I can’t find the recipe

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    Please how many pieces were you able to make with tbis


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