$3 DIY Christmas Gift – DIY Lip Scrub (3 Ways)

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Looking for some cute and cheap DIY Christmas gifts? 

What about making a DIY sugar lip scrub? Just like from LUSH but with a personal touch, and much cheaper too.

If you like the idea, then continue reading. I will show you how easy it is to make scented lip scrubs. I will also share with you my Christmas lip scrub labels that will transform your DIY lip scrub into a cute DIY Christmas gift.

P.S. This DIY lip scrub together with packaging costs less than $3 to make!


This post I will discuss:

– 3 Christmas lip scrub recipes: Candy Cane, Gingerbread and Cinnamon & Orange

– Cost breakdown

– How to make Christmas Lip Scrub

– DIY Christmas packaging for your homemade lip scrub (labels and jars)

– How to use this lip scrub

– Storing your lip scrub

DIY Christmas gift ideas: DIY candy cane lip scrub, DIY gingerbread lip scrub and homemade orange lip scrub

Christmas lip scrub recipe

Making homemade lip scrub is incredibly easy. And you don’t need any fancy ingredients to make them either. The famous LUSH bubble gum lip scrub is sugar + jojoba oil + scent combo. That’s it.

We may not be able to replicate the scent combos LUSH creates, but we can easily make our own version of the sugar lip scrub at the fraction of the cost.

So make some for yourself and surprise our friends and family with your homemade lip scrub gifts for Christmas!


To make lip scrub you will need:

♥ Sugar (tip: fine grain sugar makes better scrubs)

Jojoba oil – Jojoba oil is deeply moisturising, very soothing for dry skin, and helps restore chapped, rough lips. LUSH uses jojoba oil in the famous bubble gum scrub. You can substitute jojoba oil with other oil/oils. When using a different oil, pay attention to the color and scent of the oil. Olive oil, for example, could be too dark and overwhelm the scent.

♥ Scents: 

    – Candy Cane essential oil blend 

    – Gingerbread essential oil blend

    – Orange & Cinnamon (Sweet Orange essential oil and Cinnamon Bark essential oil)

Food coloring



Pin for later:

DIY lip scrub as a cheap DIY Christmas gift that can be made with peppermint candy cane or gingerbread essential oils
Yield: 5 DIY sugar lip scrubs

How To Make Christmas Lip Scrub

DIY lip scrub gifts for Christmas

These easy and inexpensive to make DIY lip scrubs will make perfect Christmas gifts. Choose out of 3 Christmas scents and don't forget to print out some Christmas lip scrub labels for your containers.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  1. In a small bowl, combine sugar and jojoba oil. mixing sugar and jojoba oil to make lip scrub
  2. Add food coloring depending on the color you want to achieve. I used red for Candy Cane lip scrub, orange for Orange & Cinnamon, and brown for Gingerbread. Start by adding only one drop of color. Mix well and add more if needed. I only used 2 drops for the orange and 4 for the red.
  3. Add your essential oils and mix. Mix for a good 3 minutes. This will ensure that both color and essential oils are mixed evenly. Mixing is boring but it ensures good results. making sugar lip scrubs for Christmas
  4. Take a small spoon and fill out your lip scrub jars. Pack tightly. The more product in the jar the better 🙂 filling out small jars with DIY lip scrub
  5. Don't forget to print out the Christmas lip scrub labels to decorate your jars. DIY lip scrub gifts for Christmas


If you don't want to use food coloring in your scrub, use brown sugar. It will look great for the Gingerbread and Cinnamon & Orange lip scrubs.

You can substitute jojoba oil with other oil/oils. When using a different oil, pay attention to the color and scent of the oil. Olive oil, for example, could be too dark and overwhelm the scent. Coconut oil is a great choice for a lip scrub, but it needs to be mixed with other liquid oil to prevent it from solidifying.


Christmas packaging for your homemade lip scrub

Packaging is everything!

Before we even start making our sugar lip scrub, we need to decide on the packaging. Beautiful, quality packaging will take your DIY Christmas lip scrub gift from “cute, she made it in her kitchen” to “wow, you should be selling these beauties!”.

Beautiful packaging and presentation increase the value of the gift in people’s eyes. It also makes the whole gift receiving experience more enjoyable.

Let’s begin with the packaging and presentation:

There are two aspects to this: the lip balm jar and the labels.


winter holiday lip scrub labels for DIY christmas gift

Christmas labels for your DIY lip scrub:

I got you covered on this one. I have prepared 3 DIY lip scrub Christmas labels that you can download for free here:


Print out the labels on an adhesive paper sheet, cut out, and stick them on the jars. You can also stick some transparent tape on top of the labels to protect them from getting greasy.


Lip scrub jars:

There are multiple options here, depending on your taste and budget:

Cute 15ml glass jars like the ones in my photos;

Beautiful multi-color aluminum containers

Budget-friendly round clear jars (selection of colors)


Cost breakdown

Let’s see how much it would cost to make 10 Candy Cane lip scrubs:

– 8 oz of sugar – $0.50

– 4 oz of jojoba oil – $7 – $13, but let’s take an average of $10

– 20 drops (1 ml) of Candy Cane blend is $1.00

– a couple of drops of food coloring (depending on the brand, it can cost between $6-$10 for a multi-color set) – $0.50

This would cost you approximately $12 to make 10 Candy Cane lip scrubs, which is $1.20 for 1 lip scrub. You would also have food coloring and Candy Cane essential oil blend left to use in other DIY beauty projects 🙂 

Now, let’s not forget that you also need to get some lip scrub jars that we discussed earlier. The cost would highly depend on the jars you choose. We are looking anywhere between $0.60 to $1.30 per lip scrub container. The most expensive being the glass jars. 

All together, this DIY Christmas lip scrub should cost you $1.80-$2.50. To account for any unexpected expenses, let’s make it $2.00-$3.00 per lip scrub jar. Not too bad, huh?

How to use lip scrub

1. Wet your lips and apply the homemade sugar lip scrub. 

2. Massage your lips in a circular motion, allowing the sugar in the scrub to exfoliate and the jojoba oil to moisturize. 

3. Rinse and pat dry your lips with a towel.

4. Apply your favorite lip balm and enjoy soft lips!

Lip exfoliation should be a regular part of beauty routine. Regular exfoliation with a DIY lip scrub prevents chapped lips and keeps lips soft. Makeup also applies more easily to silky smooth lips.


Storing your homemade lip scrub

The recipe does not require a preservative because none of the ingredients are water-based. DIY sugar lip scrubs should be kept in a closed jar and kept in a dry place (just like any other cosmetics) to avoid unwanted moisture from the environment.

The expiry date of your homemade lip scrub will be the shortest expiry date of your ingredients. For example, if your jojoba oil expires in 7 months and your Candy Cane essential oil blend expires in 2 years, then the expiry date of your homemade lip scrub is 7 months. Despite this, I always advise that it is best to use up homemade products within 6 months.


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