homemade brown sugar scrub

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub With Ingredients You Have At Home

If you ever wondered how to make sugar scrub, you will be delighted with this brown sugar scrub recipe and ...
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candy cane sugar scrub with free printable labels

Creamy Candy Cane Sugar Scrub Recipe For Christmas

Whipped soap sugar scrubs are my favorite DIY scrubs to make. You might have noticed that already since I have ...
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Best Himalayan Salt Scrub Recipe [Foaming]

Those who visit DIY Beauty Base regularly know that I do love a good scrub. In fact, DIY scrubs are ...
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DIY sugar scrub with soap

Super Easy Castile Soap Sugar Scrub Recipe

Not so long ago, I shared with you a simple liquid hand soap recipe using Castile soap. Today, I would ...
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DIY lip scrub gifts for Christmas

$3 DIY Christmas Gift – DIY Lip Scrub (3 Ways)

Looking for some cute and cheap DIY Christmas gifts? What about making a DIY sugar lip scrub? Just like from ...
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DIY sugar scrub homemade

Creamy Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub Recipe

If you follow my posts, I'm sure you know that I absolutely love whipped soap sugar scrubs. I shared a ...
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Cleansing DIY Foot Scrub With Essential Oils (Perfect For Summer)

  In preparation for the summer I have created a lovely foot scrub recipe. This recipe was inspired by a ...
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Whipped Coffee Scrub Recipe For Gentle Exfoliation [Without Oils]

I am thrilled to share with you my newest whipped coffee scrub recipe. The scrub exfoliates the skin and cleans ...
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Foaming sugar scrub recipe with lavender essential oil

DIY Foaming Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe (Cleanses & Exfoliates)

Today I will be showing you how to make a super easy, foaming lavender sugar scrub. The recipe requires only ...
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DIY coffee scrub in a jar with printable label on it

DIY Coffee Scrub for Smooth & Cellulite-Free Skin

Body scrubs are an inseparable part of my body care routine. I exfoliate every couple of days, so I go ...
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DIY foot scrub bars with pumice and essential oils

DIY Foot Scrub Bars With Pumice to Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

The summer is coming, and it’s time to make sure that our feet are ready. The key to beautiful feet ...
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DIY coconut oil sugar scrub with a gift tag

DIY Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub That Looks Like a Coconut!

If you like coconut oil and how it smells, then you will love this DIY coconut oil sugar scrub. It ...
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Kiwi DIY scrub soap bars with poppy seeds

Easy Kiwi Scrub Soap Bar Recipe

I would like to share with you a very practical and fun recipe – my DIY kiwi scrub soap bar ...
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DIY gentle walnut shell face scrub

Anti-aging Walnut shell face scrub recipe

I strongly believe that our skin, especially facial skin, should be nourished whenever possible. We all want to look after ...
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