Body Care Recipes

mango lotion bar recipe

The Best Mango Butter Lotion Bar Recipe You Will Make

Calling this mango butter lotion bar recipe “the best” is a pretty bold statement. So let me explain why I ...
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DIY body butter with cocoa butter

Silky Smooth Cocoa Butter Body Butter Recipe

Hello there a fellow DIY skincare enthusiast! I am very excited to share this silky Cocoa Butter Body Butter Recipe ...
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homemade coconut shea butter lotion

Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Lotion Recipe That Everyone Loves

I want to share with you a very easy to make shea butter & coconut oil lotion recipe. This recipe ...
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whipped diy turmeric body butter

Brightening Turmeric Body Butter Recipe

I’ve been wanting to make turmeric body butter for a long time but avoided it because of the potential staining ...
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Jojoba oil infused with turmeric powder

How To Make Turmeric Infused Oil For Skin [7 Easy Steps]

I always wanted to use turmeric on my skin but avoided it because it stains the skin. I recently found ...
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DIY lotion with horse chestnut extract formulated to improve varicose veins and broken capillaries

Horse Chestnut Lotion Recipe For Spider Veins

It is time to step up our lotion making game. The primary function of a body lotion is to moisturize ...
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DIY Cupuacu body butter

DIY Cupuacu Body Butter Recipe (Most Moisturizing Butter!)

In this post I will share with you my DIY cupuacu body butter recipe. Cupuacu butter is an INCREDIBLE moisturizer ...
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DIY body butter with shea and rosehip oil

Anti-Aging Body Butter With Rosehip Oil

I am excited to share with you my Rosehip body butter recipe. This recipe is special because it not only ...
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homemade hand cream with essential oils

Non-greasy DIY Hand Cream That Your Hands Will Love

Did you know that hands are one of the first areas to show signs of aging? No wonder. Washing dishes, ...
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